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Zag Erlat also known as Zagor is 27 years old Istanbul born Turkish songwriter, producer and filmmaker, currently living in London, UK. As a music producer, he started his career with producing trap and hip-hop music in 2012. After he moved to London from Istanbul in 2013 he focused more on music production and expanded his audience on Soundcloud. That helped him to collaborate with other artists and motivated him to work on other genres of music.

In 2016 he produced 4 tracks for the YouTube star KSI’s second and third album (Keep Up, 2016 & Jump Around EP, 2016) and 2 tracks from his 2017 album called “Space”. He also directed  a music video (“KILIMANJARO”) for KSI. Zagor’s collaborations with KSI have been licenced to TV programmes and films such as KSI’s track  “Encore” being used on the end credits of the Netflix Series “Power” (S03, Ep05) and the track Touch Down” (KSI-Jump Around EP 2016) was featured on the sountrack to American action comedy film “Baywatch. He is now producing music for KSI (UK), Lunar C (UK), Kelvyn (DE), Shaqdi (SE) and many other artists around the world.


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