Genre: Dance


MELLEEFRESH’s discovery of Deadmau5 in 2005 marked a massive shift in the focus of Play Records, her label for over ten years, triggering a succession of dance hits and electro big-room bangers that would turn the club world on it’s arse. Digital download site, Beatport, was inundated with number one hits from the MELLEEFRESH / Deadmau5 duo (aka Freshmau5). Juno nominated, Afterhours was number one for several weeks in ‘07. Hey Baby was number one on Beatport’s all-time classic chart from ‘06 to ‘09. Attention Whore hit number one in ‘09 and a re-release of Sex Slave ran up the charts once again this year.

MELLEEFRESH’s brilliant and timeless work with Deadmau5 will go down in dance music history as one of the most successful electro house partnerships of all-time.

Play Records’ unique approach to the digital music biz facilitates endless collaborations and has attracted talent world-wide. Starkillers & Dmitry KO, Olav Basoski, Dirtyloud, Mendo, Darth & Vader, NHB, Lazy Rich, Adam K, Tradelove, Per Hammar, SPL, Sick Individuals, Alex Kenji, Dubsidia, Muzzaik, Manuel De La Mare, David Jones, Koen Groeneveld, Filthy Rich, Paul Anthony, DJ PP, Tremourz, Carlos Barbosa, Dirty 30 (Alphonse from Azari III), Jerome Robins, and CyberSutra have produced and remixed such gems as Hey Baby, Damelo, Vinylize, Surrender, Beautiful Rich & Horny, Intuition, and Sleazee. The latter is also featured on Spydabrown’s classic mashup, Vanishing Trash, featuring Deadmau5 vs MELLEEFRESH vs CyberSutra.

Mellee and her new friends the SpekrFreks from San Fransisco released Candy in 2010, with glam-fag Billy Newton Davis, and a new brand of insane sexy San Fran electro house basslines. The single Candy also featured on MELLEEFRESH vs SpekrFreks LP ‘Bakers Dozen’ – a 13-track raucous electro project showcasing some of the devastating trash-pop collaborations between MELLEEFRESH and her San Fran production duo. MELLEEFRESH has also been busy pushing her recent 2012 LP ‘Melleefresh vs deadmau5 At Play’ – a definitive compendium of Melleefresh vs deadmau5 material. ‘Melleefresh vs deadmau5 At Play’ was released by Play Records as a historical “hat’s off” to all of Melleefresh & deadmau5’s work together over the years.

Along with a series of live shows throughout the US and the UK this year, MELLEEFRESH is busy, on the road, and pushing the envelope!