Saul Ashby

Genres: Rock, Pop


Raised in London and refined in the States, Saul began his musical life far removed from the front of the stage. He first cut his teeth as a jobbing sticksman for various bands, and it was from behind a drum kit that he secured a scholarship to Berklee College of Music in Boston, studying to become a jazz drummer. The rigorous academia of Berklee saw him struggle, however, so Saul sought escapism in the more immediate pleasures of Velvet Underground, Beatles & Rolling Stones records. Theory was forsaken for impulse and energy, and in this spirit, Saul left Boston upon graduation, intent on finding a different type of musical vocation in New York, pitching tracks to other artists whilst struggling as a session drummer and road-testing songs on the subway of 14th street, busking to make ends meet. Out of impatience, Saul responded to a flyer posted outside the legendary CBGBs, and made the final leap to frontman.

Back in London and primed to release his first single, Saul Ashby has found himself exactly where he wants to be. Debutantes is a vibrant, contemporary twist on the classic guitar-stomp of Elvis Costello, or Orange Juice front-man Edywn Collins. It’s infectious stuff, painting a picture of a young man out on the town; seemingly carefree, yet beset with remorse. Songs came to be written above a sex shop, but also overlooking two brothels, a church, and a police station. It’s a small, strange world, bursting with potential inspiration.

Saul Ashby has taken a circuitous, oft reckless route into songwriting, chiefly driven by impulse and intrigue. Still, from city to city, and from jazz to pop, instinct has gotten him this far. You sense it might take Saul a little further yet…