The Auteurs

Genre: Rock


The Auteurs fronted by the inimitable Luke Haines signed to Hut Records in the early 90’s. Their first album, ‘New Wave’ reached no. 35 in the UK album charts in 1993 and was nominated for the Mercury music prize and saw the band associated with the burgeoning Brit Pop scene – a tag that never sat comfortably with Luke (Read Bad Vibes, which serves dually as an autobiographical account of his years with The Auteurs, and as a record of the Britpop movement of the 1990s) .Their follow up, 1994’s ‘Now I’m a Cowboy’, built on the themes of New Wave and contained their radio friendly hit “Lenny Valentino” and reached no.27. Their third studio album, ‘After Murder Park’, 1996, was produced by Steve Albini and was recorded at Abbey Road.

In 2014, The Auteurs catalogue was re-released on Cherry Red Records.