The Fish Police

Genre: Electronic
Contact: Simon Platz



The Fish Police are a four-piece band from London. They are made up of Dean Rodney on vocals, Matthew Howe on guitar, Charles Stuart on bass and vocals and Andrew Mclean on drums. Felipe Pagani sits in live on guitar from time to time. Musically they are a bit like crossing a young James Earl Jones reciting nursery rhymes against a backdrop of DIY electronics made by people who don’t really know what they are doing. The old songs dealt with subjects like how to eat your Chicken, (even though one band member is vegan!), why you shouldn’t eat Coco Butter and Japanese girls who are always falling asleep at inconvenient times. These songs were taken from the 2013 album ‘The Marzipan Transformations’. In more recent times The Fish Police have been back in the studio recording a new group of songs which sees Dean taking on a slightly bigger role in terms of bringing musical ideas to the table. The newer songs deal with Cactus plants and why you shouldn’t climb them, the fact that cars just keep coming and coming and why a helicopter isn’t wearing any shoes. The Fish Police are a Heart n Soul production.