Johnny Madden

Genre: Alternative
Contact: Rhiannon Bramley




Johnny Madden is best known as the hypnotic and alluring frontman of Glaswegian punk sensations Baby Strange, he is also a highly sought-after songwriter and has become iconically established as a trailblazer within the Scottish music scene.

Hailing from the district of Springburn, Glasgow, Johnny Madden found his start in music at a young age. From the age of 10, Johnny’s creative intuition was fuelled and harnessed through the local community-led music group Beatroute Arts, an initiative that encourages artistic creativity for local youths. Johnny was given space to learn and explore music with the freedom to adapt and hone his skills within a safe creative space.

Throughout his teenage years, Johnny’s vigour for songwriting bloomed as he began forming bands and writing his own songs. Motivated by the melody-driven hits of Sum 41 and Green Day, Pop-Punk caught his ear, with its huge choruses and irresistible hooks. But it was The Strokes and their distinctive blend of alternative-rock, that opened Johnny’s eyes to the intricacies of songwriting. Recognised for his budding talents and personal tenacity, Johnny was nominated for the Young Scot of the Year award in 2008.

Since 2012, Johnny has been the lead vocalist, guitarist, and chief songwriter for indie-punk trio Baby Strange. Achieving success with their 2016 album Want It, Need It and 2021 EP Land of Nothing, the band have gained praise from tastemakers far and wide, including Annie Mac, Huw Stevens, Zane Lowe, and Steve Lamacq, as well as the legendary US based DJ Nic Harcourt at KCSN in Los Angeles.

Having shared stages with the likes of Slaves, The Vaccines, and Jamie T, Johnny’s dynamic punk anthems have aligned Baby Strange alongside the UK’s musical elite.

As the co-founder of Club Sabbath, an alternative club originating in Glasgow and since branching out to London, Johnny is at the forefront of one the most exciting UK clubs on the circuit. With performances and DJ sets from the likes of Wolf Alice, Fontaines D.C., DMA’s, Lucia & The Best Boys and The Chats, Club Sabbath is a stomping ground for emerging talent, placing Johnny in the perfect position to spot up-and-coming bands and approach them to offer his songwriting expertise.

Alongside producer Chris Marshall (Gerry Cinnamon), Johnny has co-produced some of the most exciting new artists in Glasgow, including Gallus, Spyres, The Dunts, Dead Pony, Pleasure Heads, and The Roly Mo, many of whom have been championed by Jack Saunders as ‘Next Wave’ artists with promising futures. Furthermore, tracks written and co-produced by Johnny have garnered immense TV support, including spots on FOX’s Lucifer, E4’s Made in Chelsea, Brassic & Tattoo Fixers, and BT Sport’s The Champions League.

With songwriting credits beginning to stack up, Johnny now sits on an impressive catalogue of songs, and counts the likes of Spyres, Pretty Preachers Club, Pleasure Heads, Dogtooth, Sophie Wood and The Dunts among the artists that he continues to work with.

Johnny’s commitment to artist development and his hands-on approach to songwriting are a nod back to the very same patience and experience that he was shown at Beatroute Arts as a child. Johnny believes that his success in songwriting boils down to his ability to draw out the personality & creative individuality from the artists he works with.

As evident through Baby Strange’s raucous dance-floor fillers or the perfectly crafted Grit-Pop melodies of Spyres, Johnny’s passion & strengths lay firmly grounded within mesmerizing melody and the heart-thumping pace of an infectious hook.


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