Wonky Logic

Genres: Jazz, Electronic, Funk, Hip Hop, R&B
Contact: Rhiannon Bramley



Raised on a council estate in Leeds, producer, writer and multi-instrumentalist Dwayne Kilvington PKA Wonky Logic, started to make beats at the age of 11 on his mum's computer after attending a youth group at Armley's Interplay Theatre. He went onto briefly attend Leeds College of Music where he developed his jazz musicianship, regularly playing with the liikes of Luke Wynter (Nubyian Twist) and Geordan Reid Campbell (GEO) and Klezmer band Tantz. Now London based, in 2015 he became a founding member and bass player of the band Steam Down, making significant waves in the UK Jazz scene. He has toured extensively with many projects and collaborations in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia with artists such as Nightmares On Wax, Nubya Garcia, Theon Cross, Wiyaala, Afla Sakey and K.O.G. He also connected with veteran producer I.G Culture (Co-op) after playing keyboard for a show for I.G's collective "Selectors Assemble". They have since collaborated on an album called ‘Earthbound’ by LSCM, Dwayne being the musical director.

Dwayne’s current writing and producing projects include Sons Of Kemet, alongside Nache aka Edward Hick, The General Elation Soundsystem alongside Brother Portrait and Nadeem Din-Gabisi. He is currently writing and performing with Nala Sinephro (Warp Records) with synth bass, afrofuturist band ONIPA and has recently played on Emma Jean Thackray's project Um-Yang alongside Soweto Kinch.

Whilst taking an 8 year hiatus, after releasing his EP Mindmarkets in 2012 as Wonky Logic, Dwayne has produced multiple remixes for artists such as Nubiyan Twist, Kefaya, Bryony Jarmon-Pinto, Afriquoi, Mansion of Snakes, El Hiest and Me And My Friends. Dwayne has also written and produced songs for Celeste, Onipa, Ego Ella May, Alexander London, Tess Hirst, Chimimyo, Mo Kolours and is an integral part and touring member of Edwards Hick’s Nok Cultural Ensemble. He has also featured as a bass player and writer on Sampa The Great's album ‘The Return’.

Dwayne has also written specially composed music for film and TV, most recently a documentary on British fashion designer Zandra Rhodes. He has also specially composed music for Rebull online adverts and has collaborated and written music for an IBM Campaign. On the 23rd July 2020, Wonky Logic released his debut album "0113" showcasing his passion for beat-making comprised of wonky beats and swirling synths. This is just a peek of what is to come for this UK talent in 2024.


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