Da Beatfreakz

Genres: Hip Hop, Pop, Rap
Contact: Josh Gregg



Obi Ebele aka O1 and Uche Ebele aka U1 also known as Da Beatfreakz are internationally multi-platinum producers who became consumed by the sounds of Hip-Hop’s infectious beats and storytelling. Feeling familiar with the context and experiences of Hip-Hop culture, they sought out to do more investigating. As they came across the greats – Quincy Jones, Dr Dre, Timbaland and Akon, their goal wasn’t as far fetched as it may have appeared.

Supported favorably by their parents, father, a once music journalist and mother; whose eclectic taste in music roamed their hallways enrolled them into the church band. Fully competent with guitar and drums the brothers learned from an early age the commitment and handwork it would take to further their dreams.

The hustle started in the heart of South London, O1 worked in McDonald’s whilst U1 had a paper round to raise money for their homemade built studio, this led to producing for local artists and charging a small fee. At the time of social media building it’s buzz, MySpace had been the hub for budding artists to evolve. It would be their most beneficial encounter.

Approached by legendary producers Cool & Dre, the brothers were invited to St Louis by hit producers Trakstarz. With a big decision to consider, the brothers were encouraged by their parents to take the opportunity.

On arriving to the States, they moved to St Louis for a short period where they signed and worked with Trakstars company for 4 years and although they were offered a renewal on their deal, it was time for Da Beatfreakz to move forward with their aspirations with what they had learned from working with the likes of Chingy, Jon B and more.

On a visit to Nigeria, separated from his brother, U1 started making beats in hopes to hone his craft and unbeknown to him, on his return to the UK O1 had also been working on making beats. The realisation that both were simultaneously doing the same thing was astounding.

Inspired by The Neptune’s their name had to stand out in the way their icons did and so when they started their production career in their bedroom, the name Da Beatfreakz suited their style. Their genre bending approach displaying and musicality pushed them to be what they call ‘the future of music’ Displaying an exuberant blend of Afrobeat, Rap, Dancehall and R&B “we are the future of music, humbly speaking being in the game from an early age and still quite young in the game, we are definitely the future in where the sound of all genres are going”

The hustle continued when the brothers relocated from NY to London, taking it upon themselves to travel around the world creating with artists and building their catalog; “we got up and sourced artists ourselves and made it known that we invest in ourselves a lot when it came to our work. It was hard at first during our first signing having to pick up and go without knowing what would happen but our parents encouraged us to give it a try.” And in doing so they landed themselves on NDubz Uncle B album.

Back to NY Da Beatfreakz wanted to broaden thier scope as producers, in doing so they got the opportunity to work with songwriters they felt they could accomplish that with i.e. Kat Deluna, Jerimih –“a lot of hard work went into it but we knew if stuck at it together we could achieve great things”

Finally settling back in London with a few number ones across the world, platinum selling albums and over two hundred million Youtube views Da Beatfreakz plan on expanding their brand –working with lead artists (Sophia Grace, Luna, Giggs, Fekky, Sneakbo) establishing themselves as DJs, continuing to building thier publishing company and mentoring the next generation of artists under thier label –“this is just the beginning. We’ve only taken one step and there is a very long way to go, but we are very thankful for what we have achieved so far with the help God and our family”


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