Laurie Johnson

Genres: Film, TV
Contact: Simon Platz


Born 7th February 1927. Studied at the Royal College of Music and later taught there. Four years National Service in the Coldstream Guards. Aged 21 he started composing and arranging for the Ted Heath Band and then for most of the Big bands and recording orchestras of the 50’s. Since then he has divided his time betweenn composing scores for film, television, theatre, concert hall and recording studio. He has made hundreds of recordings of his compositions and arrangements over the years, some were best sellers and award winning as have some of his film scores, musicals and productions. He is married with one daughter and one grandson.

In 1972 he formed his own film production company with Albert Fennell and Brian Clemens. In 1978 he formed Gainsborough Pictures with Albert Fennell and John Hough.



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