Qnote Records

This is John Dankworth CBE and Dame Cleo Laine’s record label which Bucks manages through our JV company Newquay Music Limited.

John’s career spanned the fifties burgeoning British Jazz scene through the sixties when John composed and performed cool sixties soundtracks and popular TV Themes, then expanding the spectrum of Jazz in the seventies with collaborations with classical and avante garde artists. John continued performing and releasing albums until his death in 2010.

Cleo joined The Dankworth Seven in 1951 and married John in 1958 branching out in her own right thereafter with major British Top Ten hits and swept over America in the seventies with sell out shows at the Carnegie Hall which have been a staple anniversary event ever since.

Bucks established Newquay Music Limited with the Dankworths in 1969 licensing their recordings to major record labels until the 1980s when Bucks established their SEPIA record label to re-issue catalogue originally released through their licensing deals, and in 2004 they launched QNOTE RECORDS as a platform to release mainly new albums from the entire Dankworth family which includes their daughter Jacqui and son Alec.

For more information contact newquay@bucksmusicgroup.co.uk or visit qnote.co.uk