Midnight Repost

Genre: Pop
Contact: Jonathan Tester



Midnight Repost is an indie alternative band from Essex. The project was started in early 2020 by film composer and now frontman Liam Priestnall. Liam began writing songs during the first pandemic lockdown and began releasing them later in the year. After early success with Radio (Radio 1, BBC Essex, BBC Rapal) Liam brought a group of musicians together to form what is now the four man band of Midnight Repost and began performing live. In late 2022 the band recorded two live music videos at Longcross Film Studios in the Mission Impossible production’s stunt stage.

The band’s sound is a blend of classic rock, prog rock, funk and 80s pop. Liam’s lyric writing has themes of sarcasm, self-awareness and self-deprecation that juxtapose the positive and light hearted music. Similar artists include The BAND CAMINO, the 1975, Beck, Half Alive and Blossoms.


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