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Their music has been described as “internationalist music”, “guerrilla jazz”, “contemporary world- fusion” and “global protest music” — however you attempt to describe them, Kefaya are a band that truly escape musical definition. An eclectic group of immigrants, travellers and international artists, Kefaya seek to find the common ground between folk traditions of the world with a cutting-edge sound rooted firmly in the 21st century.

After tours across India, Italy and the UK, Kefaya are gaining a reputation for their virtuosic and mesmerising live performances. Their shows are a unique synthesis of musical styles, exploring the universal connections that allow artists around the world to develop a collective voice, whilst still paying homage to their distinct traditions and identities.

Kefaya’s versatility and wide knowledge of musical traditions has led to collaborations with internationally acclaimed artists, including legendary Indian vocalist, Shankar Mahadevan, Italian saxophonist, Daniele Sepe, British vocalist Nicki Wells, Cuban jazz violinist Omar Puente, Afghan singer Elaha Soroor, Italian folk singer Alessia Tondo, flamenco singer Chico Perez, and many others.

Their 2016 debut and award-winning album ‘Radio International’ saw the collective collaborate with a myriad of international artists, providing spontaneous and unique performances gravitating to the music tradition of the featured artists. 2019 saw the collective sign to the prestigious Bella Union label with the release of their second album – a collaboration with Afghan singer Elaha Soroor. The might and mesmerising new album, Songs Of Our Mothers; is a fresh, vibrant take on Afghan folk music filtered through myriad forms, from spiritual jazz and dub to Indian classical music and electronica. The critically acclaimed album has won them the 2020 Songlines Music Award 2020 for the fusion category.


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