Genre: Dance
Contact: Rhiannon Bramley, Simon Platz




Music, energy, culture and collaboration: Born and raised in South Norwood, South London, Mala has played a pioneering role in UK music since the turn of the century. Stirring dubstep’s musical melting pot with its most primal ingredients before it even had a name, Mala was a founding member of DMZ, the crew behind some of modern bass music’s most influential dances and the most highly prized vinyl the movement has ever known. Almost 20 years later, his ideas and his creations continue to influence, push and fuse contemporary electronic music to unchartered places...

The man behind the agenda-setting label Deep Medi Musik, Mala has continued to develop the UK bass blueprint, encouraging creative compositions from the likes of Skream, Swindle, Silkie, Commodo, Calibre, Goth-Trad, Truth, Kahn, Egoless and many more genre-affirming artists... Including Sir Spyro whose ‘Topper Top’ became one of grime’s most the most iconic tracks in recent years.

The same can be said for his musical output: Mala created two critically acclaimed and forward-thinking albums in UK bass this decade. Reflecting his foresight and ability to draw from the widest possible corners and bring people together, 2012’s ‘Mala In Cuba’ & 2016’s ‘Mirrors’. Decades deep and still at the very forefront. Mala continues to nurture and develop a culture driving the most exciting corners of electronic music with energy and collaboration. To be continued...


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