Black Daniel

Genre: Alternative


When it doesn’t have 5 or 4, Black Daniel has 3 members. They are brothers Luke and Lamik2000 from London town and Craig Louis Higgins Jnr from New York via Cape Cod. Meeting for the first time in Manhattan through a “friend” on the dancefloor of a lower east side disco, they quickly discovered a mutual love of animal tranquilisers and long walks in the rain. Some would say forming a band seemed like the logical progression, but it took a tour of the states with the brothers masquerading as DJs and C.LH. jnr doing his own special brand of tour management before the inevitable finally happened. Sometimes something just feels right. This wasn’t one of those times but they did it anyway.
From that moment on its been a series of Japanese stage invasions, cow bell solos, bloodied microphones, blow up dolls, leather pant experiments, uncle Warrens trumpet, wigs, wood nymphs and general good times all the way.


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