Andrew Mutambira

Contact: Rhiannon Bramley



Music has to be more than a collection of sounds, more than a progression of chords, more than the arrangement of melodies and in order to understand Andrew one has to understand these core principles. This quest for more is what sets Andrew apart from his contemporaries.

Playing with his first keyboard at age 5 Andrew began a journey to understand the nature of music to seek out its soul. Fascinated by the emotional pull of music notes, he dutifully studied Gospel music where upon he learned that the efficacy of a message is reliant on its vehicle of delivery and the tonality of music giving character to voices. His understanding of theory of music soon started to catch up to his vision and creativity he started not only to outperform and exceed his expectations but outclassing his peers. At the tender age of twelve he was already accomplished and recognized as the biggest producer in Zimbabwe.  Rather than rest on his laurels and bask in his achievement, his zeal and passion for music demanded of him to think bigger. His vision and understanding only grew so he sought out new avenues of opportunities to fully express his art and realize his dreams. He made the conscious effort to hold himself to the standards of his influences (which include Quincy Jones Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins Teddy Riley, Paul Epworth)

In 2001 Andrew moved to the United Kingdom, in no time he became one of the most demanded session musician for some of the biggest names in UK gospel. He became Choir director for Phil Colin’s — No way out (Disney’s Brother Bear). He signed his first publishing deal in 2011 to Bucks Publishing, producing UK rapper Sway’s first single “Still Speedin” off up and coming album “The Deliverance.” Still Speedin” debut at number 18 on the UK charts and the remix which featured Lupe Fiasco. Andrew is behind the production on Sway’s 3rd single Charge featuring Mr Hudson.

The grandness of his vision and accomplishment is tempered by his humility. He strives to create an atmosphere in which ideas flow with ease, an opportunity for what most call “studio magic” to occur while finding a learning opportunity better develop his music.

Upon hearing Andrews’s music, one begins to hear and understand that there is a unifying theory behind it, and to that regard genre becomes irrelevant, he is at home on a Jazz record as he is on Dubstep. His understanding and exploration of music is not bound by any single genre. Each song in its respective genre is but a single masterful and purposeful brush stroke on the canvas and just as colours are incidental to a painting, so too are the selections of song genres incidental to Andrews understanding of music. With Andrews’s music you will hear the essence of a generation, spirit, excitement, hopes and dreams distilled into music notes, time captured, recorded and stored in music, emotions inscribed in melodies, an explanation and account of our time latent in the arrangements.

Just as there is more to music, there is more to Andrew and more to come from Andrew. With such a firm foundation laid, 2013 is set to be an exciting and promising year as he will be working with a lot of UK artist. Purpose, determination and hard work are going to ensure that Andrew will have his deserved place in not just the music industries both in the UK and International, but a presence in people’s lives though his gift of music.