Emma Blackery

Genres: Pop, Alternative
Contact: James Paterson




Since her debut EP release in 2013, it would be fair to say that Emma Blackery has made a name for herself as a force to be reckoned with in the music world. After having released five EPs to date, including Magnetised (which featured front- and-centre during a global Apple broadcast for the iPhone X in 2017) and her debut album Villains, which charted at number 24 in the UK albums chart in 2018, Emma is preparing to release her follow-up album in 2021.

Emma is no stranger to genre experimentation. Her fanbase of 2.25M total listeners on Spotify have heard her unique twists on pop, rock, pop-punk, alternative and country to mention a few - and the songs on her upcoming second album continue this exploration.

With her new-wave inspired alt-pop lead single Crying, Emma is holding nothing back as she writes about the pain of suppressing emotions to please others, stating: "Crying is a song I wrote about the pressure put on people to hide their emotions, ultimately worsening feelings of loneliness through being told to just smile through pain.”

With an audience of 1.3M+ on YouTube, 650K+ followers on Twitter, and 300K+ on Instagram, as well as accruing a total of over 25M streams on Spotify, Emma has made a career from sharing her experiences and life stories through her platforms and music side by side for almost a decade.


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